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Services Overview

Vital offers a wide array of remote sensing and data science consulting services for specialty growers. These include aerial and satellite imagery applications, irrigation management and planning tools, targeted sap analysis for in-season nutrient recommendations, and customized analytics to meet your specific data needs.

We also help growers develop automation solutions for irrigation, pest and disease scouting and more.

Irrigation Monitoring

  • Monitor soil moisture, temperature and salinity
  • Monitor stress with ground based stem water potential measurements
  • Detect problem areas with thermal imagery and crop stress imagery

Irrigation Planning

  • Balance water budgets with granular evapotranspiration models
  • Design irrigation systems with precision using drone-base contour maps
  • Track water use at the field level
  • Plan irrigation programs with advanced forecast models and reflectance based crop coefficients

Chlorophyll Index

A critical tool for measuring crop nutrition at scale.


Pan-Sharpened Thermal

Understand water stress variability in greater detail and spot irrigation leaks with high resolution thermal imagery.


Thermal Imagery

Replace labor-intensive stem water potential measurements with thermal imagery.


Elevation Contour Maps

Asses topography and design new irrigation systems with precision.


Plant Height Maps

Track plant growth rates and assess yield potential with plant height data derived from our aerial imaging services.


Grower Analytics Platform

Using open source software, we develop custom dashboards to meet your specific management needs. Every grower has unique challenges and we help solve these creatively by developing customized solutions.

Our platforms give growers complete data ownership so they can protect their intellectual property and continue to improve their operations.

Whether its irrigation management, operational efficiency improvements, or pest and disease management, were here to help solve these challenges using our expertise in data science, software engineering and agronomy.

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