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Plant Available Water

Monitoring soil moisture alone is an incomplete management tool – Vital enables growers to monitor plant available water, so they can manage irrigation on varying soil types. We measure moisture content at field capacity and permanent wilting point – giving you actionable insights on irrigation management.

Leaf Temperature

Avoid crop stress with leaf temperature monitoring. Leaf temperature sensors function as an early warning detection system before your crop shows visual signs of stress – enabling you to be proactive in your irrigation adjustments.


Monitor microclimate weather data with in field weather stations for frost alerting, growth stage prediction, ET modeling and more.

Soil Oxygen

Over-irrigation and soil compaction can lead to oxygen deprived roots, stunted root growth and increased potential for root diseases. Prevent these issues and promote healthy root growth with soil oxygen monitoring solution,

Soil Water Potential

Understand how hard your plants are working to extract moisture from the soil with our soil water potential monitoring solution. Combine this with leaf temperature monitoring for a complete view of plant-soil-water relations in your field.



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