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Implement Science-Based Farming Practices

Using machine learning based predictive insights and advanced sensors, were bridging the gap between traditional farming, state-of-the-art science and technology.

Aerial Imagery

We augment field-based sensors with aerial imagery to enable field-scale management of irrigation, nutrition and more.

Scientific Grade Imagery

Radiometrically corrected, cover crop masked imagery for more accurate analysis and field scouting.

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Data Analytics

Using data science and machine learning, we provide predictive insights for irrigation, nutrition and crop protection.

Data Aggregation

We aggregate farm data from multiple sources into a centralized management dashboard so farmers can make more informed and data driven decisions.

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Plant Nutrition

Using high-resolution satellite and drone imagery for targeted soil and sap testing, we enable site specific management of soil health and plant nutrition.

Soil and Plant Health

Derived more value from your soil and plant sap tests with targeted sampling and analysis.

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Irrigation Management

Combine state-of-the-art weather monitoring and forecasting with remote sensing for deeper insights on crop water demand

Irrigation Planning and Design

Plan irrigation systems using high resolution digital terrain models from our drone imaging platform.

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Had a great interview with Jess Bollinger at Arable Labs highlighting VITAL AGRONOMICS and some of the work we are doing here in the Pacific Northwest. We’re excited to share our story and the impact we are making with farmers on both sides of the Cascade Mountains. Check out the interview here.

Aerial view of Roy Farms in the Yakima Valley of Washington State

Mason Lanphear and colleague installing sensors in the field.

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